Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I've just been working on the next piece in my "Imagined Poet" series for my exhibition in August. This kind of looks finished, but it's not - I haven't painted the back!

This piece is called "Smallwings". It's about 60 cms all up.

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Little Brown Rabbit........

Here's my little brown rabbit child - the second doll I've made using this pattern, which I have devised for an up-coming class. I thought I'd better make sure there were no bugs in the design (I don't think there are). It is quite an easy pattern using my "small child head" with a flange at the neck for jointing (the head turns). The most difficult part is painting the head, because it is quite small - this doll is only 23 cms tall to the tips of the ears.

 I decided to use the same cotton print fabric that I used for the dress, to make the paw pads and the ear linings and I used thinned down brown acrylic paint to stain the fabric. I really like this simple blue and white spotted cotton fabric. The body fabric is a viscose pile fabric with a woven (non-stretchy) backing.

 I love that very worried, serious expression that small children get on their faces when they are really trying to understand something that baffles them - I tried to replicate that expression in this doll's face.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Imagined Poet Series - Second Piece

This piece, entitled "Lost Love Poems 1" is the second in a series I am working on: the "Imagined Poet" series. Third and fourth pieces are in planning. Here is what I have done so far for the next piece....... "Smallwings"

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Miscellany.......

My sad anniversary has passed again....quietly. It's been two years since Bob died peacefully in his sleep. I miss him every day, but I've moved on by re-inventing a life for myself without him in it...For you, Bob;

                                          "We were born before the wind
                                            Also younger than the sun.
                                            Ere the bonnie boat was won,
                                           And we sailed into the mystic"

This is us in 1972 with our first child.

Same man - hanging around on a cliff just a few weeks before he died.

I've got a couple of classes coming up at Bear Essence in Tooradin in early June: firstly a two day class to create a rabbit child like this (using a pre-made paperclay head blank) If you are based in Victoria and would be interested in this or any of the other classes offered, get in touch with Kim or Josey using the link above.

The other class is a one-day one to make one of these simple painted "Sukeshi" dolls

The class at the Ballarat Fibre Forum went really well, even though I only had a smallish group. It was a great week, being cloistered away with like-minded people!
And one final thing......here is the sketchbook planning I've been doing for the start of the "Imagined Poet" series (see previous post).

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Magic Milestone!

It's not often that a family can get five generations together for a celebration......but that is exactly what we did yesterday! Five generations of us celebrated my mother's 90th birthday - and what a wonderful day it was! My mother - Edith Johnston - turned 90 and members of the family came from near and far to help her mark this special day.

Mum looking spritely at 90, with Mabel, the newest addition and the first of the fifth generation.

The whole clan - well most of them, anyway.

Five generations - Mum holding Mabel, Rhiannon, my grand-daughter ( the new Mum), me and my son Andy.

Oma's cake, made by my sister Linda

Happy Birthday, Edith!

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